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Professional Learning

As a probationer teacher following the Teacher Induction Scheme, you are required to go through a fairly intense period of Professional Learning.

In order to successfully achieve the Standard for Full Registration you will need to consider specific requirements in the four areas of your Professional Learning programme.

  • You are required to dedicate 4.50 hours (0.2 full time equivalent) of your timetable to Professional Learning experiences and 18 hours (0.8 full time equivalent) to teaching
  • Professional Learning experiences will take place in and out of school and should include personal experiences as well.

Using the 0.2

It's important to consider how you best utilise the 0.2 element of your timetable. You could consider sharing it over a term, for example:

  • using 0.1 for team teaching / collaborative working / observing other teachers
  • using 0.1 to carry out enhanced planning and preparation and engaging in other, core, Professional Learning experiences.

Team teaching/collaborative working

This will be an opportunity to gain a broader knowledge and understanding of the work of the whole school by learning from others. You can learn from others through:

  • co-operative learning
    • in other classes within the same subject or stage
    • in a different stage or subject
  • lesson observation and analysis
    • in own subject or stage
    • in different subject or stage
  • work shadowing
    • with staff in the SMT
    • with experienced staff in other stages of the school or in different departments
    • on school board/parents groups
    • with Support for Learning staff
    • working with children in the pre-school environment
    • working with parents
    • psychological services
    • careers officer.

Enhanced planning and preparation

The use of the word "enhanced" is important as this should not be time spent on, for example, keeping up with marking. This is time when you can undertake enhanced planning and additional study. Examples of this are:

  • carrying out self-evaluation by:
    • looking in detail at your planning and assess how you are meeting the needs of your pupils
    • reflecting on how you are progressing towards the Standard for Full Registration, which will in turn inform the discussions that you have with your supporter
  • understanding the requirements for the induction year
  • familiarising yourself with all professional reading resources at your disposal or study new learning and teaching strategies.

Engaging in other Professional Learning experiences

Engaging in other Professional Learning experiences would include:

  • core experiences organised with your local authority
  • experiences identified on a personal basis which may be carried out in school or from a centralised CPD register. These will have been identified through personal reflection and following discussions with your supporter.
  • visiting other schools or establishments, such as:
    • associated primary/secondary schools
    • special schools
    • special units
    • educational resource centres
  • Practitioner Enquiry
  • working with pupils outwith normal contact time
  • working with, mentoring or supporting other staff
  • leading staff development for others
  • special projects involving parents or carers
  • special projects involving the local community
  • attending courses, meetings, workshops, conferences and other training events
  • developing school policies and reports.


If you would like to discuss your probation with us, please contact the Early Careers Team by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Probationers' as your reason for contact.

You should contact your local authority probation manager if you are seeking:
- specific support requirements for probationer teachers in your area
-local CPD provision
information on work as a probationer teacher in your authority

View the local authority probation managers contact information.