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Independent sector

Probationary service can be completed within a Scottish Independent school but not through the Teacher Induction Scheme.

However, most Independent schools provide experiences similar to the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS), whereby probationers may be considered for full registration after one academic year (190 days) of continuous, full time, relevant, satisfactory teaching service in one school.

Where experiences are not closely aligned to the Teacher Induction Scheme you would be expected to complete 270 days.

For further clarification, please contact the Early Careers team.

Based on 2012 Professional Standards



Based on 2021 Professional Standards




If you would like to discuss your probation with us, please contact the Early Careers Team by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Probationers' as your reason for contact.

You should contact your local authority probation manager if you are seeking:
- specific support requirements for probationer teachers in your area
-local CPD provision
information on work as a probationer teacher in your authority

View the local authority probation managers contact information.