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Class contact time

A fully registered teacher has a maximum of 22.5 hours of class contact (actual teaching) each week on a full-time basis. To meet the Standard for Full Registration you are required to undertake a percentage of this time as class contact time and a percentage as Professional Learning, as shown below:

  • 18 hours of teaching (0.8 full-time equivalent)
  • 4.5 hours Professional Learning (0.2 full-time equivalent).

Primary teachers

The whole of the 0.8 should normally be spent with one class. Where this is not possible, at least 0.55 FTE should be spent in one class.

Secondary teachers

Whether you are qualified in one or two subjects, you will have been allocated to a school in the induction scheme on the basis of one of your subjects.

Your timetable should be equivalent to a maximum of 0.8 FTE of a full-time teacher's timetable. Where this is not possible, at least 0.55 FTE should be spent in the allocated subject.

There should also be as full a spread of classes as possible across the year groups.

Probationer Teaching Time

A Statement of Expectations has been written following careful discussion with the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers ( and is available to download below.


If you would like to discuss your probation with us, please contact the Early Careers Team by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Probationers' as your reason for contact.

You should contact your local authority probation manager if you are seeking:
- specific support requirements for probationer teachers in your area
-local CPD provision
information on work as a probationer teacher in your authority

View the local authority probation managers contact information.