Adjudicating Probationary Service Panel

A Probationary Service Hearing will be held if a probationer wishes to challenge a recommendation made to either:

  • extend provisional registration
  • cancel provisional registration

Further information can be found in Section 4 of the Fitness to Teach and Appeals Rules.

This list of Frequently Asked Questions outlines useful information on the procedures of the Fitness to Teach Panel (Adjudicating Probationary Service). In conjunction, you should also read our Fitness to Teach and Appeals Rules 2012, in particular parts 1 and 4.


1. What happens if a head teacher makes a recommendation to GTC Scotland that a probationer's provisional registration should be either extended or cancelled?
2. How does the employer make a cancellation/extension recommendation?
3. What happens if the probationer does not want to challenge?
4. And if a probationer wants to challenge a recommendation?
5. Who is on the hearing Panel?
6. Does a probationer have to attend a Panel hearing?
7. Can a probationer be represented at a Panel hearing?
8. Can a probationer provide evidence to support his/her case at a Panel hearing?
9. What sort of evidence should be sent to support a case?
10. Is a Panel Hearing public?


11. Where do the Panel hearings take place?
12. How does the Panel operate?

Panel Decision

13. When will a probationer know the decision of the Panel?
14. What are the options open to the Panel?
15. What happens if the Panel decides the probationary period should be extended?
16. What happens if the recommendation for Cancellation is upheld?
17. How does a probationer appeal against a decision?

Application for Restoration of Provisional Registration

18. What about restoration of Provisional Registration?
19. What is required to restore provisional registration?