Cause for concern or unsatisfactory progress

For probationers whose progress is indicated in the interim profile as giving Cause for Concern or Unsatisfactory, a second interim profile should be submitted to us by 31 March 2015. This is to be completed in the same way as the profile already submitted. The information in this second profile should carry on from the first and there should be weekly meeting of supporter and probationer and a minimum of three observations completed.

The following is a suggested timetable based on a three weekly cycle for session 2014-2015:

Date (session 2015-2016) Task 
w/c 18 January  At weekly meeting, identify the time, class and focus for observation 1
w/c 25 January  Observation 1 takes place
w/c 1 February   Feedback from observation 1 to be completed
w/c 8 February  At weekly meeting, identify the time, class and focus for observation 2
w/c 15 February  Observation 2 takes place
w/c 22 February  Feedback from observation 2 to be completed
w/c 29 February  At weekly meeting, identify the time, class and focus for observation 3
w/c 7 March  Observation 3 takes place 
w/c 14 March 

Feedback from observation 3 to be completed

Observations should have a very limited and specific focus, directly linked to your PDAP and decided by you and your supporter during your supporter meeting discussions. These targets that you identified at the end of your interim profile 1 are the ones that you should be concentrating on meeting.

There should be an obvious relationship between your PDAP and CPD. It should be your PDAP that drives your CPD. During the period that you address a CPD focus, you can use the tracking record Appendix 11: Self Evaluation Templates to record your engagement with the process of CPD. This will include your evaluation of how it has impacted in your professional practice and how your CPD was focussed on in supporter meetings and observed sessions. It's important that the weekly supporter meetings are continued. Meetings should have a pre-arranged focus that has been decided by you and your supporter. The majority of these meetings should have a very limited and specific focus that is directly linked to the PDAP that you devised (although, on occasion, the PDAP may need to be adjusted as you progress).

A record should be kept of your supporter meetings on the "supporter meeting notes" section of your probation profile. This should include the actions to be taken as a result of the discussion to ensure you are progressing in your professional development. Remember that you should be completing your profile as you go along, rather than waiting until the last moment.

Please note that Unsatisfactory progress or Cause of Concern in your first interim profile doesn't necessarily mean that you will not meet the Standard for Full Registration in your induction year. In the past, probationers have taken the advice of their supporters on board at this stage and gained full registration in July.

Completing your final profile

Make sure you are clear about the targets identified as you work towards your final profile and recommendation.

Keep up weekly supporter meetings and follow the three weekly cycle for observed teaching session. That should allow one in April, and one in May, with time for a third, if required, towards the end of May/beginning of June.

Guidance will be available during the final term for anyone whose recommendation is for an extension or that their provisional registration is to be cancelled.