Signing off and submitting your profile

Your probation profile is submitted in two stages:

  1. Interim profile - this is submitted in mid-December
  2. Final profile - this is submitted in late May

The process for signing off and submitting is the same each time.

Once your profile has been completed and all sections are green on the status bar, a "submit for recommendation" link, indicated by a green arrow, will appear on the main page under the status bar.

You should click on this link to submit your completed profile to your supporter for recommendation. Once the recommendation has been made, your headteacher will need to confirm (or override) it and the the profile will be available for the local authority probation manager to check prior to submission to us.

Once your interim profile has been submitted to us you will be given access to the second interim or final profile as appropriate:

  • if the recommendation on your interim profile is Satisfactory you will be given access to your final profile
  • if the recommendation is Cause for Concern (CC) or Unsatisfactory (U) you will be given access to a second interim profile, which should be completed and submitted by Easter. You will then be given access to your final profile to complete and submit in June.