Professional Development Action Plan (PDAP)

The Professional Development Action Plan (PDAP) is the document that allows you to detail your professional and personal development opportunities in your probationary year. This should be completed in the same way as your Initial Professional Development Action Plan (IPDAP).

Please note that the PDAP from your interim report will be automatically copied across into your second interim or final profile in the IPDAP section so that it can be used as a starting point for the next term.

Identifying your targets and actions

PDAP targets should be:

  • specific and focused
  • clearly linked to your key strengths and areas for development
  • listed in order of priority
  • have a defined timescale given (e.g. "by the end of March", "by mid-May")
  • be achievable in the timescale given
  • to be measured in an easily identifiable way

PDAP actions should:

  • encourage a step-by-step approach to future development
  • be linked to specific aspects of the SFR
  • identify clearly the action the probationer teacher is to take
  • include specific actions that encourage
  • team/shadow teaching
  • working with colleagues
  • personal research
  • implementing school policies
  • specific CPD activities