How we process your profile

When we receive your final profile, it is processed in the following way.

On successful completion of your probationary period, and on receipt of a recommendation for full registration, you will be granted full registration.

A certificate will be issued confirming your registration in either primary or secondary and, in the case of secondary, the subject.

The majority of probationers submitting final profiles with a recommendation for full registration will receive their Certificate of Full Registration at the end of July or the beginning of August.

Your certificate of Full Registration will be sent to the address held on the register. It's therefore important that you notify us of any change of address as soon as possible. Failure to do so may result in your certificate being sent to the wrong address and a charge will apply for a replacement certificate.

You can login to MyGTCS to update your personal details.

Recommendation for an extension to your probationary period

If a recommendation for an extension is received, you will be advised in writing (with copies to your headteacher and employer) of the further probationary period required.

We will write to you and ask if you wish to challenge this recommendation for extension.

Recommendations for extension are made following a clear professional judgement that, following the period of extension, the probationer concerned may reach the Standard for Full Registration (SFR).

Recommendation for cancellation

On receipt of a recommendation that registration should be cancelled, we will write to ask you if you wish to challenge this recommendation for cancellation. A Fitness to Teach adjudicating probationary service panel will hear the case and probationers have the right to be present and / or be represented at this meeting.

Recommendations for cancellation are made following a clear professional judgement that the probationer concerned has not achieved the SFR.

In addition, an appeal can be made against the Fitness to Teach panel's decision by writing to the Appeals Board.


Professional Learning and Development Department

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