CPD record

Your CPD record allows you to record each CPD experience undertaken throughout the year.

Your CPD record must contain a minimum of one record in each of the three areas of the Standard for Full Registration (SFR).

Points to consider

  1. Try to identify the main focus of the experience so that the experience can be recorded alongside one key area of the SFR. There will be occasions where there is more than one main focus covered but we request that each individual CPD experience is only recorded in a maximum of two areas of the SFR (i.e. each experience should only have two assigned focus codes)
  2. You only need to add a brief explanation and impact of your CPD experience
  3. There will be core local authority CPD that you are obliged to undertake, however it's also expected that the CPD record evidences various other experiences. Many of these other experiences should have been undertake as a result of targets and actions identified in your action plan
  4. The CPD record can also be used as a framework for CPD, so it's possible to see at a glance whether you are achieving a broad coverage of the areas of the SFR