Accessing your profile

Once you have logged into the probation profile system, you will see the contents screen, which provides links to all sections within your profile.

Make sure that you read the guidance notes before you start working on your profile.

The profile system contains a number of of tools: print, view, edit. Notes and instructional text is displayed at the top and bottom of each screen.

The following links can be seen at the top right-hand corner of each page:

  • contact us: use this if you need to contact the Professional Learning and Development Department
  • accessibility: view our accessibility statement
  • text size: use these links to increase of decrease the size of the text
  • guidance documentation: this section contains helpful guidance for completing your profile
  • back to MyGTCS: use this to return to your MyGTCS homepage
  • use this to visit the main GTCS website
  • log off: for security and privacy reasons, especially if you share a computer at school, please ensure you log off before exiting your profile

Profile status bar

Accessing your probation profile for the first time

The status bar provides a colour coded representation of the status of your profile.

  • Green - if the section is green then that section is complete
  • Amber - if the section is amber than it's awaiting action by someone else (supporter or headteacher)
  • Red - if the section is red then it's awaiting action from you

To access the status bar, click on the hyperlink above the status bar image.

Time-out limit

The probation profile is a secure programme; therefore it has a "time-out" limit that will close down the programme after 80 minutes of perceived inactivity.

Typing text is not accepted as activity for this programme, so if you enter large amounts of text without saving it or changing screen, you are liable to lose any unsaved changes when the time-out occurs.

We recommend that you either save your work regularly or type your comments into a word processing document and then copy them across to your profile.

Verifying your personal details

Before you begin filling in your profile, we need you to verify the details we hold for you. Do this by clicking on the "personal details" links.

These details must be verified before you can proceed with your profile.

If you notice an error on the supporter or headteacher details then please contact your local authority probation manager advising them of the name and registration number of the correct supporter of headteacher. If the error is school details that we hold for you then please contact the Professional Learning and Development Department. It's essential that you advice us of any changes throughout your induction year.


Professional Learning and Development Department

T: +44 (0)131 314 6000