Masculinities in Primary Teaching in Scotland

The University of Strathclyde School of Education is conducting research into 'Masculinities in Teaching in Scotland'. We invite you to take part in our survey which is a part of this project. We aim to conduct an investigation into gendered perceptions of teaching in order to understand how these affect recruitment and retention in the teaching profession. This is underpinned by a wish to develop a genuinely representative teaching workforce. One of the notions that we would explore in particular is the 'good teacher'.

This survey contains 34 statements which are related to qualities of a 'good teacher'. All these qualities have been identified by previous research (for example, Ng et al, 2009; Ladson-Billings, 1995). Please consider whether these qualities are usually thought to be masculine, feminine, or neutral. If in your view a quality does not characterise a good teacher, please tick 'it is not a quality of a good teacher'.

The survey is taken anonymously; the results are going to help us with designing a schedule for focus groups which will be conducted at a later date (late February-early March 2012).

When you have completed the survey please press the button Finish Survey to submit your response.

We are also recruiting participants for the focus groups now - if you are interested in participating in a focus group discussion please contact Professor Geri Smyth at

Thank you for your help.

Professor Geri Smyth and Dr. Anna Piela
University of Strathclyde