GTCS welcomes new probationers and recently qualified teachers

On behalf of the General Teaching Council for Scotland I would like to welcome the 2,545 individuals who are beginning the Teacher Induction Scheme this August, as well as those of you seeking to gain the Standard for Full Registration by the Flexible Route.

GTC Scotland also welcomes and congratulates those who have recently joined the teaching profession after successfully completing the 2014–15 Teacher Induction Scheme. You have all done extremely well to reach the Standard for Full Registration through completing the scheme – a challenging but, I’m sure you would agree, rewarding and enjoyable experience.

Teaching is a complex and challenging profession and all of us in GTC Scotland hope that those of you about to embark on your probation period find the experience both valuable and constructive, helping you on your journey to becoming a fully qualified teacher. The Teacher Induction Scheme is much envied and highly regarded worldwide. It gives you access to considerable help and advice, including a mentor and support from your local authority. Its strength also lies in the fact that it gives you time to learn and hone your skills, and develop an increased understanding of curriculum, assessment and pedagogy.

Whether you are a new probationer or a fully qualified teacher, learning new skills is important not just in your first years of teaching but throughout your career. Your continuing engagement in professional learning as part of the Professional Update process overseen by GTC Scotland will be an important element in your career-long development, helping you to enhance the quality of your own teaching and the impact you have on pupils' learning.

You are entering the profession at what is an exciting time in Scottish education . Never forget the wise words of Solomon Ortiz that “Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of their students.”

On behalf of GTC (Scotland), I would like to wish you all every success as you begin your teaching career.

Kenneth Muir Chief Executive