About us

If you are provisionally registered with GTC Scotland, you are required to complete a period of probation to demonstrate that you meet the Standard for Full Registration.

Probationary service can be undertaken in one of two ways:

  • Teacher Induction Scheme provides a guaranteed one-year training post to every eligible student graduating with a teaching qualification from one of Scotland's universities.
  • Flexible Route is a way to complete your probationary requirement if you have opted out of the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS), are not eligible to join the TIS, can't commit to a full-time post or you want to complete your probation somewhere other than a Scottish state school.

The Probationer Teacher Scotland site is designed specifically for newly qualified teachers in Scotland who are required to complete a period of probationary teaching service to show that they meet the Standard for Full Registration and are able to take on the demands and responsibilities of teaching.

Through this website, we aim to provide all probationer teachers, whether on the Teacher Induction Scheme or the Flexible Route, with online support, advice and useful information to guide you through your probationary period.

This site offers:

  • information about how to complete your probationary period
  • guidance on how to complete your probation profile or interim/final reports
  • hints and tips covering all aspects of teaching
  • blogs, videoblogs and articles contributed by other probationer teachers
  • discussion forums where you can chat with other teachers

About GTC Scotland

We are the independent professional body that maintains and enhances teaching standards, and promotes and regulates the teaching profession in Scotland. We were the first such professional body for teaching and teachers in the United Kingdom and one of the first teaching councils in the world.

We strive to be a world leader in professional education issues and aim to promote equality and diversity in all our activities. We are a registered charity (charity number SC006187).