Peer to Peer - Reflective Teaching

Teachers in their probationary period get the opportunity to ask more experienced colleagues for advice as they begin their careers in Scotland.

Peer to Peer

You will constantly be reflecting on your teaching. However, as the end of your probation year draws nearer, it is worth taking extra time to review your experiences and think about how these have developed your practice. Here are some ideas:

Pupil Reflection

Encouraging your pupils to reflect will not only develop their skills, but may also give you some food for thought. It is worth asking them what they felt was useful and what they understood best. This will consolidate the lesson for them while you can then use their feedback to improve your teaching.

The disaster lesson!

We all have them - the lesson that just didn't go as planned. Try not to let it get you down. Instead, think how the lesson could have been made to go well and to general principles you can apply in the future. The experience will then become very useful to you, allowing you to develop your practice.

Research and reading

Research, reading and talking with colleagues all help your practice. Once you have tried a particular idea, remember to take time to access impact and consider value. It may be worth keeping a few notes as you go. If possible, try to discuss the impact of the lesson with colleagues who may have been present. This will allow some high-quality reflection. Always remember what works for one teacher may not work for another. Think about what you can take from the experience and how you may adapt it in the future to make it work better for you.