Peer to Peer - Planning for CPD

As your probation year ends, you'll be looking to the future. Remember to include CPD in your plans..

As your probation year ends, many of you will be looking forward to a well deserved rest. It is important to revive yourself during your break and prepare for future challenges. You can also take advantage of the summer holidays to broaden your knowledge. Often the best ideas arise when engaged in other experiences, so you never know what great inspirations for classroom teaching and learning will come.

As you look towards cultivating your future career, it is worth reflecting on your CPD experiences during your induction year and look at how you can take responsibility for your CPD in the future. The first few years of your career will see you developing your practice and reinforcing your Teacher Induction Scheme experience. However it is vital that you source opportunities to keep up the CPD habit now that you no longer have the dedicated 0.3 time.

Once you have your teaching career established, you may wish to pursue one of the following routes:

  • Professional Registration/Recognition - this gives you the opportunity to add another registration subject or to gain recognition for particular expertise. Looks great on your CV!
  • Chartered Teacher - once you have reached the top of the salary scale, you may wish to pursue this option. It is aimed at teachers who wish to remain in the classroom and will increase your pay.
  • Standard for Headship - this may seem a long way off but who knows what the future may bring, you could be a Headteacher in the making!

Note : ensure you meet any entry conditions.

Further information on all of these can be found on the main GTCS Website.

Regardless of where your teaching career takes you, GTCS will be with you every step of the way.