End of term activities

At the end of a hard year for both you and your pupils you'll be ready to wind down and have some time in a more social setting; the school trip. Here are some tips on surviving the end of year activities.

Beware the wind down and wind ups

It's in your best interest to keep pupils working as close as possible to the end of the term before the summer break. No matter how they plead and beg, don't give in to the DVD and a break from work. At this time you'll need your behavioural skills in place.

Give your pupils rules and parameters

School trips are part of the school year. Accept only good behaviour on buses and at your choice of venue, be it cinemas, wild life parks or Alton Towers. Pupils can get over excited, you overwrought and the whole experience not over soon enough.

Be strict about arrival and departure times

Whilst out on a trip watch your timings. One delayed pupil can cause you tension and worry for the rest of the pupils. Other pupils will get tired of waiting and chaos can reign on the bus.

Keep your composure

Being with your pupils in a social setting can be quite different to being in a classroom environment. Don't be over friendly and keep to the relationship you had in the classroom. You are their teacher so try not to be the screaming nightmare on the scary ride at the outing.

Variety is the spice of the classroom

It's a fact of life. Pupils get bored easily. If you have activities in the classroom have something for everyone and have a variety, otherwise you will end up entertaining the pupil who will see you and your personal life as their activity for the period.