Staying in employment

As you come to the end of your probation period it's important you find employment and start earning. You'll need to keep your eye on the employment scene to make sure you get a post in the area you want, but the perfect one may not come along straight away. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Keep an eye on the press and online

Many new posts are filled in May and June of each year. If you haven't got a post by then make sure you are tuned in to all the usual places for adverts such as TESS, both the paper and online versions, and watch out for adverts in the media. Local authority websites are a must so keep an eye on them.

Use your colleagues and friends for advice

Talk to colleagues who may hear of posts coming up in schools, listen to what is happening in staffing.

Watch the adverts

There are always jobs coming up,  from retirals to expanding departments and growing school numbers. Don't forget to watch the adverts every week.

Teach on supply

If there's really nothing around in your area or subject you can enrol with an authority for supply. This could mean that you go from school to school, and although it's not ideal, it keeps the money coming in and your experience growing. It allows you to get known in schools and should increase your chance of a future job.

Teach abroad

There are opportunities to teach abroad. Whilst this is drastic for some it is a wonderful experience for others. Look at the VSO website or try the British Council website.

Be positive

Don't despair if you are not in post for the new session. Depending on subject and sector it can take a bit longer to secure a post. Jobs in education come up regularly. It may mean a big change for you having to move, especially if you have a family or ties, but teaching is like every other job in that you will have to make sacrifices if you want that post.