Completing your application form

The application form is the first impression an employer has of you. It should put you in the best possible light, with correct information and some examples of your good practice. These tips are designed to get you thinking about the application process.

Get your CV into shape

What you look like on paper will determine whether you get that first interview, so make it professional. Information should be clear and relevant and current.

Have all your details to hand

Don't forget your GTC Scotland number, dates of qualifications, and other personal and professional details. Don't reinvent the wheel. Have a template of this information ready to lift from. Keep this up-to-date as you progress through your career, ready for that next step in your working life.

Remember the basics

Once you have requested or downloaded the application pack, read all the information about the school and post. Spend time reading all the instructions carefully, identifying any unusual questions or requests as early as possible.

Complete the additional information box

Where you can stand out with the application form is in the additional information box. Use this and never leave it blank. Even as a probationer you'll be surprised just how much you have to offer, including items such as:

  • your special skills and abilities
  • responsibilities you have taken on over and above the day to day activities
  • your communication skills, with individuals and team members
  • your initiatives in your probationary year
  • creation of resources
  • courses

Spell check like mad!

Also check it over yourself, as the spell checker will only check for wrong spelling, not the wrong wording. Teaching has high standards and you are expected to spell correctly. Confusing ˜their" and ˜there" or ˜to" and ˜too" on your application form will cost you dearly.

Observe email etiquette

If you are emailing your application form, make sure you attach a simple message about what you are applying for. Finally, make sure your email has been sent!