Applying for jobs

It's always a good idea to be thinking about employment as soon as you move into your induction or flexible route period.

Be flexible

You should have an idea about possible options in terms of your own commitments and needs. In the current employment climate it is not always open to you to expect choice so you should remember that as you go through the year some hard decisions may have to be taken and your geographical location and school preference put off for a future date. Try not to limit your area or set your heart on a school.

Know where to look

Early on make sure you know where to look for jobs such as local authority websites or national job sites or in national papers such as TESS (online or in the school copy.) The job opportunities page has links to all the local authorities' job websites so it's a good starting place.

Keep informed

Get to know the situation in your school too and the possibility of upcoming posts and whether there is an intention to fill these at some point. Teachers do retire and move jobs and departments can become bigger and need more staff. Even national political initiatives can mean staffing numbers change so keep informed.

You should talk to other probationers too who may have heard of vacancies and opportunities. They may wish to keep these to themselves but everything is advertised so you will hear anyway eventually. Vacancies occur which are not relevant to you but are to your colleagues so do a good turn and let them know early.

Don't give up

Schools do not always decide on their staffing until near the end of the summer term. This can mean that jobs will come up across the summer and right up to the start up date in the autumn. Don't give up watching the vacancies as these run throughout the year.