Parents' evenings

Meeting parents is a valuable part of your job as a teacher so you should make sure you are well organised and prepared so as to make the best use of your time with them. These tips will help you do that.

Check your paperwork

Make sure you have the correct paperwork for the correct pupils and go armed with your seating plan.

Prepare what you want to say

Know what you want to say and make sure there are no surprises. Concerns should not be heard for the first time at a parents' night but have been discussed with the pupil.

Keep it positive, but be truthful

Don't let pupils think it's a threatening experience; let them know it is an opportunity to discuss success and achievements. Try to give at least some positive comment (no matter how small) but do not stand back and miss the opportunity to share real concerns with parents. They will nearly always back you up and together you can turn a pupil round and get them on the right path.

Do not fear the angry parent

They tend to come to school long before parents' nights and its usually single issue grievances. Your school will be very supportive.