Managing your time

Follow these simple tips to help your time management skills.

Don't reinvent the wheel

There is no need to create all your lessons from scratch. There are now so many sources for you to go to, including your colleagues and your school.  Use what has worked in previous lessons and offer back your ideas where you have found real success. Everyone enjoys sharing so get started!

Take a break

Use your breaks and make sure that you don't turn into a twenty four hour teacher.  Have breaks during the day, in the evening and at the weekends. You need to recharge your batteries so make plenty of time for yourself; otherwise you will get tired and not perform well.

Future-proof your resources

Make sure your worksheets are future-proofed and you don't have to go back and update them because the example you have used is no longer in "popular culture".

Not everything needs to be marked

Don't set lessons that depend on the work being marked before you can move onto the next lesson; this will not give you any time and will allow the pupils to expect their work to be marked immediately. Space out the marking.

Plan your marking

Plan when marked work will be returned.  Set the time so that you're not marking at night for the next day, give yourself space.  Mark some work in the classroom with the pupil next to you to help cut the amount going home.