Covering classes

These tips should help you prepare if you are needed to cover another teacher's class, or if you need to have your own class covered.

If you are covering another class

Treat others classes as you would your own

If covering colleagues' classes while they are ill or on courses, expect an element of teacher bating as pupils try out their 'new teacher'. Keep the same discipline you'd have in your own class, guarding the resources and room with a passion!

Have worksheets to hand

If you're covering your own subject in secondary or known lessons in primary, have a selection of worksheets that you take with you. If a lesson has been left for the class, use it and your own worksheets to keep busy those who finish early.

If your class is being covered

Brief your cover teachers

You should warn cover teachers about known discipline issues. Make sure that if there are problems between pupils or ongoing discipline issues, your cover teacher knows about them. Don't leave this kind of information anywhere that pupils will access it.

Leave clear instructions for others

If you know you are going to be out of school, leave your lessons taped to the desk; they can be deleted if left on the board or removed if left loose on the desk. Also leave a copy with a colleague or supply cover. Clearly label your resources.