Being a reflective teacher

You'll soon start to believe that you always need to be seen to be doing something. Being a reflective teacher means that you start to step back and think things through to make them better, assessing their impact and considering their value.

Train yourself to be reflective

You have to train yourself to be reflective and in so doing your pupils will learn the value of that skill for themselves. If you carry out a lesson then take a few minutes to think where it may have gone wrong or what actual issue was successful. Try not to have an overall picture but look at the elements that came together for the lesson.

Train your pupils to be reflective

Also ask your pupils to reflect on a lesson, asking what they felt was useful and what they understood best. Pupils hate being told to go and reread their work so get them to think about it as reflection on not just the work but what they felt was easy for them. This way they know they're checking more than just their punctuation.

Stay informed on wider issues

Reading an educational journal or newspaper with items on education counts as CPD. The more informed you are about the current educational debate the better a teacher you will be. Read the consultations that come into school. If you know why things are happening you can join in the debate on why they should be changed or enhanced. Teachers really do make a difference not just to their pupils but to the system.

Think about reasons behind your lesson

Being a reflective teacher also means that you think about not just the management of your lesson but the reasons behind it. Research is there in abundance to help you think about what you are doing educationally as well as what assessment outcomes are needed. Don't go for reinvention when you can go for reflection and use the ideas and research out there.