Working with colleagues

Your school is a community and you will become more than just a class teacher as you get involved in whole school activities and events. These hints and tips discuss your position as a member of a teaching team.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Your department/school/colleagues will have lots of  tried and tested worksheets, books, DVDs, web links and strategies. Use these alongside your own resources to get the best results.

Extra curricular activity can be rewarding

Your early years of teaching are very tiring as you adjust to the challenges. Extra curricular activity can be very rewarding, allowing you to get to know your pupils and other teachers outwith the classroom.  

Don't interfere with another teacher's class

Don't interfere with another teacher's class when you are in the room unless you are in a team teaching situation. You must give the class teacher their place.

Understand school policies

Attend school and departmental meetings to talk through issues, finding out what is going on elsewhere. Talk to your colleagues and learn policies on issues such as reporting bullying, school discipline, whole school marking strategies and disability procedures.

Talk to experienced teachers for advice

Don't write off the cynic in the staffroom who has seen and done it all. They have a wealth of knowledge and advice but after thirty years in the classroom are looking towards retirement or may just have new initiative fatigue! They once entered the profession with the same passion that you have.