Getting to know your surroundings

A new school means new challenges. Getting to know your new surroundings as early as possible will help you during this period of transition.

Get to know your surroundings

Prior to your first day in post, try and spend some time in your school familiarising yourself with your surroundings. Many teachers take the opportunity to do this during the first, or more likely the last, week of the holidays.

Read up on your school

Close to the start of the session you should find out general information about your school, reading up about pupils and school policies/resources.

New school, new ideas

It is common for the first day to be a staff development day with programmed activities planned. Although new to the school, remember that you're an important part of the team - your contribution will be viewed as being both valid and fresh.

Meet your colleagues

Development days are also a great opportunity to get to know your colleagues. Once the pupils return and everyone is into their daily routines, you don't have many such opportunities.

Be prepared

Prior to meeting your pupils for the first time you should aim to:

  • make final arrangements for receiving your pupils: confirm pupil details (such as special educational needs) and get to know registration procedures
  • ensure that your classroom and the appropriate resources are ready. Remember that there will be plenty of ready-prepared resources available; use these rather than starting from scratch each time