Classroom etiquette

Don't use nicknames. Names such as Cheesy, Shorty, Terminator and Rebel are all very good for the playground but not in the classroom.

Never ever use public humiliation to make a point

If a hand goes up and the answer is slightly off the wall respond by repeating the question and asking someone else. Don't turn the question into an instrument of torture for a pupil as this can harm their confidence and manifest itself in poor behaviour.

Hands up for attention

Teach your pupils to call for your attention by putting their hand up. Yelps, shouts and whistles are not appropriate. Once they know they have your attention they will always use this method. Just remember to watch for the hands raised and not ignore a patient soul.

Pupil relationships

Make sure your pupils know to be polite to each other. Don't let them attract each other's attention by shouting, throwing things or hitting each other. Let them know that there are times when they don't talk or leave their seat. The rules can be reinforced but don't weaken and let poor behaviour and manners creep back.