Creating a learning environment

These tips will make your classroom a more productive place for everyone.

Make your classroom inspiring and encouraging

Make it inviting with lots of work on the walls, posters to encourage ideas and create debate and interest.

Remember which posters are suitable as some will encourage rivalries and argument; others will give your age or preferences away. Remove them once they are past their best.

Keep pupils busy

Provide material that will encourage pupils to further their education. Provide these when they have finished their current work. Having nothing to do even for a few moments will spark off conversations and poor behaviour.

Have a strategy for labelling your resources

Don't cause stigma by making colour "a label" in your classroom. Not all pupils work on the same set of questions at the same time and your worksheets will be differentiated. Don't go down the road of colour co-ordinating your sheets as the pupils catch on quickly which ones are the simple questions. Work out other strategies for marking your sheets.Tailor your lessons

Try to tailor your lessons to suit what has happened previously if the topic is continuing, or how best the pupils understand the topic and if it would be better to spend time reinforcing and repeating a lesson.

Make resources interesting and varied

Pupils get fed up if every work sheet comes to them with a set of ten questions. A simple graphic or change of font can work wonders but don't get too carried away - some pupils can have difficulty working out where amongst the colour and varying font the actual question is.