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What is the Flexible Route?

The Flexible Route is a way to complete probationary service for teachers who:

  • have decided to opt out of the Teacher Induction Scheme
  • are not eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme
  • can't commit to a full-time post
  • want to complete their probationary period somewhere other than a Scottish state school
  • are registered in more than one subject, and are looking to gain full registration in their second subject

Although there are specific elements of the probation process that must be completed by all probationers on the Flexible Route, not all probationers are able to complete their probation service in a structured way.

Probationers following the Flexible Route will often have different:

  • amounts of teaching experience
  • lengths of probation service which they have to undertake
  • employment opportunities in their area
  • support networks available to them

If you choose to follow the Flexible Route you will need at least 270 days teaching experience to reach the Standard for Full Registration, rather than the 190 days of the Teacher Induction Scheme.

Supporting the Flexible Route probationer

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Support for Flexible Route probationers

  • Webinar Q&A - Coming soon

The Flexible Route profile

  • Webinar Q&A - Coming soon


If you would like to discuss your probation with us, please contact the Early Careers Team by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Probationers' as your reason for contact.

You should contact your local authority probation manager if you are seeking:
- specific support requirements for probationer teachers in your area
-local CPD provision
information on work as a probationer teacher in your authority

View the local authority probation managers contact information.