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Recording service

There are two ways in which Flexible Route probationers can record their teaching service:

  • Online profile system (if you are completing your probation in a Scottish school)
  • Paper based report (if you are completing your probation outwith Scotland or completing probation in a second or subsequent subject)

You are required to complete a minimum of:

  • 6 observations of your teaching practice
  • 9 professional learning entries
  • 1 entry for each area of the Standard for Full Registration.

Online profiles

You can access your online profile by logging into MyGTCS.

Please note that you will not be able to enter records of teacher service outside the current academic session (August – July). If you wish to submit teaching service outside the current session, please complete a record of teaching service form and email this to

Paper based reports

In order to evidence your teaching service, you are required to complete a series of forms.

  • interim report - This is submitted at the end of a term of continuous full-time service or at the end of serive in one school of 20 days or more full-time equivalent. These 20 days do not need to have been consecutive.
  • final report this is submitted at the end of your probationary period and is where the headteacher makes their final recommendation
  • record of teaching service form - this is used to record each day of service in a school where you have served less than 20 days in total. This enables short periods of relevant service to be credited towards meeting your probationary requirement..

    We recommend that you regularly update your interim and final reports as you progress through your probationary period, and share with school staff as appropriate.

    Before you start filling in your reports, we strongly advise that you read the guidance on completing your interim and final reports.

    Based on 2012 Professional Standards



    Based on 2021 Professional Standards




If you would like to discuss your probation with us, please contact the Early Careers Team by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Probationers' as your reason for contact.

You should contact your local authority probation manager if you are seeking:
- specific support requirements for probationer teachers in your area
-local CPD provision
information on work as a probationer teacher in your authority

View the local authority probation managers contact information.


Record of teaching service forms