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Teacher Induction Scheme FAQs

The Scheme offers a guaranteed one-year training post to every eligible student graduating with a teaching qualification from one of Scotland's universities. Below you will find some frequently asked questions:

Teacher Induction Scheme

Q1. Who is eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme?

GTC Scotland are notified by Higher Education Institutions of who is eligible for the Teacher Induction Scheme. Please contact your university direct if you require any information on eligibility.

Students from Scotland, other parts of the UK and the Republic of Ireland, who are studying at a Scottish Higher Education Institution are eligible to join the Teacher Induction Scheme (TIS) as they are recruited within the controlled numbers which have been set for teacher workforce planning purposes. Participation in the TIS is not, however, compulsory for these students, and some may choose to follow the Flexible Route which is less structured and may better suit their personal circumstances.

Students from outside of the UK and Republic of Ireland who choose to attend Scottish Universities to train as teachers are not recruited within these controlled numbers and are therefore ineligible to join the Scheme. These students can, however, follow the alternative Flexible Route to complete probationary service if they are able to remain in Scotland on completion of their studies. However, students from the EU who fall into the categories below are within controlled numbers and are eligible for TIS:

  • hold settled or pre-settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme or
  • have applied for settled or pre-settled status but have not yet received a decision (individuals in this group can evidence their rights using their Certificate of Application which is issued after a valid application to the EUSS is received)

People who have arrived in the UK after 31 December 2020 and are therefore subject to the new immigration rules and not eligible for TIS.

Q2. How do I join the Teacher Induction Scheme?
Teacher Induction Scheme students are able to apply for provisional registration using our online facility. This will be available in November. The online form asks you to indicate in preference order the five local authority areas that you would be willing to work in for your induction year. You must remember you could be allocated to any of these five areas including your fifth choice. Alternatively if you are prepared to work anywhere in Scotland and receive £6,000 (primary) or £8000 (secondary), less tax and national insurance, you can tick the 'anywhere' box. You will receive an email around late May, advising that your allocation and probationer contact details are available to view on your MyGTCS account.

Q3. Can I change my preferences?
Yes, you can. Should your circumstances change from filling in the online application form, you can change your preferences by logging into your MyGTCS homepage by deadline informed by the Early Careers Team. Changes cannot be made after this date.

Q4. Since completing the GTC Scotland Application for Registration my circumstances have changed. Do I need to inform anyone?
It is important that you email to inform us of any changes to your address, email address or phone number to ensure you receive all correspondence sent by us.

Q5. What is the process after I have completed my online application?
As part of the registration process, you will be sent a link to the Existing PVG Scheme Member Application Form (EPVG). This needs to be completed, and paid for, before you submit your GTC Scotland registration application. Email the completed EPVG to along with three scans of ID (if you don't have a scanner, we suggest using Adobe Scan.

Please note that this is in addition to the PVG or EPVG that you may have already completed for the University when you first started your course and is required by GTC Scotland and the Regulation Team. If you are then required to complete a full record scheme, this will be an additional requirement including payment of the fee.

Preference information from the online applications will then be sent to the Scottish Government. They will use this information to ask the local authorities to provide enough posts to cover the number of probationers on the scheme.

Q6. When do I join the Scheme?
You would join the Teacher Induction Scheme at the start of the new school session commencing in August, following successful completion of your Initial Teacher Education programme.

Q7. How much do I get paid and when?
The annual salary for a probationer teacher is currently £27,498. If this changes, we will update the information on this page. The local authority you have been allocated to will provide you with details of how much your salary will be and on what date of the month it will be paid. 

Q8. Can I delay joining the Scheme?
You may only delay joining the Scheme in very exceptional circumstances, such as illness. View our Deferral Policy

Q9. If I do not complete my course can I still join the Scheme this year?
No. You must be a fully qualified teacher at the beginning of the school session in August, to take up your post. There is only one entry point to the Teacher Induction Scheme and local authorities must have teachers to start at the beginning of the new school term. If you have not completed your course and are not recommended for Registration by the first week in July you will be unable to take up your place this year, but you will have the opportunity to join the Teacher Induction Scheme next year assuming you have gained your qualification and meet the eligibility criteria.

Q10. I am on a part-time course, do I have to choose five preference local authorities?
You must select five options or PWP, unless you have been sponsored by a local authority.
GTC Scotland will check this with your university and local authority. If you are eligible, we will contact you about selecting one local authority.

Q11. Am I able to carry out my Induction year on a part-time basis?
No. The Teacher Induction Scheme was designed in such a way that probationers on the Scheme would be afforded the opportunity to reach the Standard for Full Registration (SFR) in one school year. You would not be able to reach the SFR in one year if you were working on a part-time basis.

Q12. I have not completed my course/do not intend to work in Scotland - do I need to inform
Once you have received your allocation information and are sure that you will not be taking up that post, you should notify the local authority you have been allocated to immediately so that they can make alternative arrangements for the class to be covered by another teacher. Please also email

Q13. I finish my course in December, why can't I join the Scheme until August?
We fully appreciate the importance to you of joining as soon as possible after qualifying. However, there are significant barriers which prevent a second entry point to the Teacher Induction Scheme. There are two main reasons for this: we need to consider disruption to pupils, particularly for those with important exams in the following May. Furthermore there are key activities, for which you would not be sufficiently well prepared to play a meaningful role, that take place between January and Easter such as pupil assessment and parent meetings which are crucial to meeting the Standard for Full Registration.

Q14. When can I join the Scheme and what do I do in the meantime?
Students completing concurrent degrees in December will be guaranteed a place on the Teacher Induction Scheme, starting in August of the following year. In the meantime you can register and work either on supply or temporary contracts. Should the local authority (not just your Headteacher) you are working with wish to retain you for your induction year and you are content with this situation, the Scottish Government are content to facilitate this. This is not a foregone conclusion; Scottish Government will invite local authorities to provide details of the probationers that they wish to keep on.

Q15. Can I do the Teacher Induction Scheme outwith Scotland?
No, your Induction year will be with a state school in a Scottish local authority.

Q16. Will the induction post be in one school?
Local authorities will try as far as possible to offer you an allocation in one school, but it is feasible for the probationer teacher to cover two schools (in secondary).

Q17. Do I need to wait till the end of my training post/my probationer year before
applying for permanent jobs?

No. By Easter you will have had an indication from your headteacher whether you are on target to meet the Standard for Full Registration (SFR). If you are, you would be able to apply for permanent posts but you should make it clear to the local authority that you have not yet reached the SFR but that you are on course to do so.

Flexible Route

Q18. What's the alternative to joining the Teacher Induction Scheme?
The Teacher Induction Scheme is not compulsory; you could work in temporary and supply contracts or apply for a teaching post in the Independent sector. However, if you wish to be considered for full registration with GTC Scotland within one school year you should complete the Teacher Induction Scheme. Find out more about the Flexible Route

Q19. Can I still register with GTCS if I am awaiting a place on next year's scheme?
Yes. If you pass your course later in the year, you would still be able to register with GTC Scotland and be in a position to apply for supply or temporary work. However you would not be eligible for a place on this year's Teacher Induction Scheme, but would be guaranteed a place on the following Teacher Induction Scheme, starting in August of the following year. You may find yourself in a long-term temporary contract, which provides you with the opportunity to reach the Standard for Full Registration (SFR), and may not wish to take up your place on the following year's Teacher Induction Scheme. You should inform GTC Scotland at if you no longer wish to be considered for the Teacher Induction Scheme.

Q20. If I do not join the Scheme can I apply for permanent jobs?
No. It is the policy of the local authorities only to employ fully registered teachers into permanent appointments, but you will be in a position to apply for temporary and supply teaching posts.

Q21. I am from Canada and have paid full fees, can I teach in Scotland?
Yes, subject to the relevant home office approval, you can apply for temporary and supply contracts but you are not eligible for a place on the scheme. It is the policy of local authorities to only employ fully registered teachers into permanent contracts.


Q22. I am a single parent/looking after elderly parents etc. Will my personal
circumstances be taken into account?
No. Your personal circumstances will not be taken into account for the random allocation process to local authorities. You should be fully aware that you could be allocated to any of your five preferred local authorities, although our aim is to allocate you as high up your preference list as possible. When you are allocated, the local authority will endeavour to take into account where you live when allocating you to a school. However, local authorities' prime responsibility, is to deliver education to children throughout their area, and they will first and foremost, ensure that the needs of the pupils are met.

Q23. When will I hear which local authority I have been allocated to?
You will receive a communication from the GTC Scotland, advising which local authority you have been allocated to, at the end of May.

Q24. What if I am unable to work in the local authority I have been allocated - will I be reallocated?
It is unlikely that any reallocation will be made should you decide not to take up your post. The local authority may have difficulty in finding a replacement teacher to teach the class you were allocated to. But the first step would be to discuss this issue with the local authority you have been allocated to (contact details available on your MyGTCS account). Indeed it is for them to decide if they are able and willing to release you to another local authority. If they are willing to release you to be reallocated, you must turn down your allocation before the Scottish Government can attempt to reallocate you to another teaching post. However this is dependent on other probationers turning down their allocation. Scottish Government cannot guarantee that you will be reallocated and you should be fully aware that you may lose your post on the Teacher Induction Scheme if they cannot do so.

Q25. I do not have Church approval yet, how will I obtain this?
Please look at for further information.

Q26. I am qualified to teach in the medium of Gaelic. Will I be allocated to a Gaelic
medium training post?

You should ensure that you tick the Gaelic Medium box on the application form. The local authority that you are allocated to will allocate you to a Gaelic Medium post as far as possible. View further information on the Gaelic Medium.

Q27. I have a disability; will this be taken into account when allocating me to a post?
You will be asked, when completing the GTC Scotland application form, if you have a disability which would affect where you could be allocated to for your Induction year. If this applies to you, and you wish your disability to be taken into account, please complete all the questions in this section of the application. This information will be forwarded onto the local authority you are allocated to.

Preference Waiver Payment

Q28. How do I apply for the preference waiver payment option?
All you have to do is tick the box on the online application that asks you if you are willing to work anywhere in Scotland for the induction year. By ticking this box when you apply, you are agreeing to work in any Scottish local authority. If you tick this box, you must not complete the preferred locations section. For choosing this option, you will receive the following payments: £8,000 for Secondary or £6,000 for Primary (before tax and National Insurance deductions), as long as you complete your Induction year in the local authority you have been allocated to.

Q29. I ticked the box, does this mean I am guaranteed the payment?
Yes. But you must take up your teaching post with the local authority you have been allocated to and complete the full Induction year to receive the full payment.

Q30. Which local authorities could I be allocated to?
This is very much dependant on the number of vacancies offered by local authorities for the Scheme. However you could be allocated to any one of the 32 Authorities - anywhere from Dumfries and Galloway to the Shetland Isles. To receive the monies you must be prepared to take up a teaching post anywhere in Scotland and complete the full induction year.

Q31. How will the payment be paid?
The payment will be made by the local authority in three instalments, subject to tax and national insurance. Please check with your local authority when these payments are going to be made. Once you have started in the classroom, any enquiries regarding payments should be directed to the local authority you have been allocated to.

Q32. If I ticked the anywhere box and cannot work in the local authority I have been allocated, will I be reallocated?
No. If you ticked the anywhere box and then subsequently cannot go to your allocated local authority you will not receive the payment and will not be reallocated to another local authority. You will have to opt out of the Teacher Induction Scheme and follow the Flexible Route.


Got a question?

If you would like to discuss your registration with us, please contact Student Support by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Student Teachers' as your reason for contact.