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Preference Waiver Payment

When student teachers make their application for provisional registration, they can opt to be placed anywhere in Scotland and receive the Preference Waiver Payment (PWP), rather than selecting five preferred local authorities.

If you choose to tick the PWP box on your online application form, this means that you have agreed to work in any Scottish local authority. In return for choosing this option, you will receive a payment of:

  • Secondary teacher: £8,000 (minus tax and national insurance)
  • Primary teacher: £6,000 (minus tax and national insurance)

This payment will only be made if you complete your Teacher Induction Scheme year in the local authority that you have been allocated to. Please note that the payment is not arranged by GTC Scotland. Any queries of how and when this payment is made should be directed to your allocated local authority.

The documents below show the geographical spread of PWP allocations for past years.

Please note, these figures should only be read as a guide and each year is different. Many different variables come into play, the main one being the number and location of vacancies available throughout Scotland once the preference allocations have taken place.

Remember - if you select PWP, you can be placed anywhere in Scotland.


Got a question?

If you would like to discuss your registration with us, please contact Student Support by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Student Teachers' as your reason for contact.