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Fresher presentations

We will be visiting all universities across Scotland over the next few months to deliver fresher presentations to students. You can view a copy of the presentation below:

university  student cohort  date  time  location 
Aberdeen  PGDE Primary and Secondary, BMus 4 and Joint Degree 4  Monday 30 September  1:30pm  TBC 
Aberdeen  BEd  Monday 30 September  4pm  TBC 
Dundee  PGDE, MA (Hons)  Wednesday 25 September  1:30pm  Dalhousie Building Lecture Theatre 3 
Edinburgh  PGDE Primary  Friday 23 August  11am  TBC Law faculty, Old College, South Bridge 
Edinburgh  PDGE Secondary  Monday 9 September  2pm  Paterson's Land G1 
Edinburgh  BEd PE, BEd Primary  Friday 4 October  12pm  Paterson's Land G1 
Glasgow  BEds and Concurrent Degrees  Wednesday 16 October  10am  TBC 
Glasgow  PGDE Primary and Secondary  Wednesday 16 October  11am  TBC 
Highlands and Islands  PGDE Primary  Thursday 29 August  12:15pm  Midmills Inverness College 
Stirling  BEd Yr 4  Tuesday 15 October  3pm  TBC 
Strathclyde  PGDE Primary and Secondary  Friday 13 September  Secondary - 1pm
Primary - 2pm 

Cineworld Renfrew Street Glasgow, screen 3

Strathclyde  BEd  Wednesday 16 October  1pm  TBC 
University of the West of Scotland  PGDE Primary and Secondary  Thursday 22 August  12:15pm  LT UWS Ayr 
University of the West of Scotland  BEd Yr 4  Monday 16 September  11am  LT UWS Ayr