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Dual Registration

What is dual registration?

Dual registration is a pilot scheme for probationers who hold (or are working towards) a teaching qualification in two subjects, and can elect to do their Teaching Induction Scheme (TIS) year or Flexible Route (FR), in both subjects, successfully gaining the standard for registration in both subjects. The combination of subjects allowed for the 2021/2022 induction year are:

  • Sciences any two from biology, chemistry and physics
  • Social subjects and religious education any two from geography, history, modern studies and religious education
  • Modern foreign languages any two from French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin
  • Computing with business education or mathematics
  • Drama with music or English
  • Physics with mathematics
  • Gaelic Medium (any combination of subjects delivered in Gaelic)

Cognate subjects are easier to facilitate in schools as they tend to fall under one faculty, therefore, ensuring probationers are fully supported during their probationary service which is more efficient and coherent. As this is the first year that dual registration has been offered, an evaluation will take place with a view to extending the scope of subjects for probationers participating in this scheme.

The Dual Registration Working Group has been created and is made up of representatives from various organisations including local authorities and the Scottish Government who are involved in launching this first initiative in supporting dual qualified probationers gaining dual registration through TIS or the flexible route. If you have any questions or queries on the pilot scheme, please email the Student Support Team on and we will be happy to help or submit your question to the working group.

Key points for dual registration

  • You will be able to register for two subjects through either TIS or FR however this is your choice and you can still enter TIS or FR in one subject
  • One benefit is that you will be a good proposition for any faculty looking to employ teachers, for example a teacher who is fully registered in two modern foreign languages. Salaries and terms and conditions are the remit of the employer
  • You will not be able to change part way through TIS to a single subject
  • You can change your decision to move from dual to single registration prior to starting TIS but only up to a certain point in February, after this you will be ’locked-in’ and will be expected to start your probationary service in two subjects
  • The expectation is that your timetable would be a 50/50% split with the minimum at 70/30% of a 0.82 maximum timetable
  • You will still have one single profile on MyGTCS
  • If you find to be a cause for concern in one subject, this will apply to both subjects due to the cognitive nature of the subjects undertaken
  • You can only complete TIS or FR for the subjects listed above; no other combination is allowed for this pilot scheme

Frequently asked questions

Would I be able to complete both subjects in the same school?
Yes you will be able to do this however this will be the decision of the local authority in conjunction with the schools

Can this be completed over two schools?
This might be possible, however, the likely outcome would be that you would complete your probationary service in one school faculty

What happens if I do not pass one of the subjects before entering TIS?
This is highly unlikely because if you do not pass in one subject at university, you would not pass the course. If you do fail one subject, it is more than likely your dual registration probation will be deferred over to the following year. You will need to discuss this with your university.

What happens if I become a cause for concern once TIS has started?
Because the subjects are cognate it is unlikely that this will happen in only one subject as you have already passed your course for both subjects therefore it is the teaching experience that needs addressing. The likely outcome would be that the employer would not recommend the award of full registration at the end of the probationary period

Can dual registration be completed on the flexible route?
Yes this is possible. Our systems and processes are geared towards all student teachers on probation, no matter the route

Can I change from dual registration to single subject during TIS or vice versa?
Unfortunately, this is not allowed. You would have made the decision to opt for single or dual subjects for your probationary year, when applying for registration and the school will be lined up to facilitate that

Can I opt not to do my probation in both subjects and pick either subject?
No, the first subject would the subject that you declared to your university at the start of academic year

What happens if there are no vacancies in the local authorities?
This would not happen as there will be a great deal of communication between Scottish Government and the local authorities leading up to allocations

Will it be harder to do two subjects on TIS rather than one?
Because the subjects will be cognate, there should be no difference in workload as the pedagogy and teaching practice will be the same or very similar


Got a question?

If you would like to discuss your registration with us, please contact Student Support by completing the GTC Scotland contact us form selecting 'Student Teachers' as your reason for contact.