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If you have any questions about the Standard for Career-Long Professional Learning or the Standard for Leadership and Management, please contact the Professional Learning and Development department.

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Early Phase Teachers

Fully Registered

Congratulations on completing your probationary service. This area of our site will provide you with guidance and support throughout the early phase of your career as a classroom teacher.

Teaching Scotland

Language of diversity

Rachel Frew, winner of the 2017 George D Gray Award, shares her research exploring the benefits and implications of enhancing the provision of community languages.


Being dyslexic


Primary teacher Kirstin Philp Smith has dyslexia, but she hasn’t let this stop her teaching career!


Professional review and Development

Professional Review and Development (PRD) is at the heart of Professional Update and should be an ongoing process. It is important that all involved in a PRD meeting have taken the time to prepare and have all the necessary information in advance.


GTCS Webinar: Professional Review and Development

On 23 April, join Ellen Doherty, Director of Education and Professional Learning, and colleagues as they discuss the importance of good PRD, professional learning and using the professional standards.

Top tip

Reflective Teaching


In order to be a reflective teacher, you need to see the positives behind any disaster lesson; research and read to improve your professionalism and encourage pupils to reflect on their own work.