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After probation

Once you become a fully registered teacher, there are many teaching pathways open to you.

Probationer to fully registered teacher

Your first few years as a fully registered teacher will see you still supported by the Standard for Full Registration (SFR) and by an ongoing programme of CPD.

Your early years of teaching will reinforce what you have learned as a student and probationer teacher. Once you feel confident (and have fulfilled the time limit for entry) you can consider what route you want to follow in your new profession.

Professional Recognition

You can apply for Professional Recognition after you've completed one year post-probation, regardless of your post or position in school.

The framework allows you, across your career, to gain recognition for particular expertise you have in your professional practice.

Professional Registration

You can apply for Professional Registration after you've completed two years post-probation. This provides you with the opportunity to add GTC Scotland registration either in different subjects or in a different sector.

Leadership and Management

Many teachers join the profession interested in developing their career through leadership pathways. These skills are important to the profession and it should be remembered that not every teacher following the pathway wants to go as far as being a headteacher.

Faculty head

This entails running a department(s), having school responsibilities and leading staff and the curriculum in your stage, subject or subjects. It requires management skills of both your subject and your staff.

Depute head

Some teachers wish to take on a more whole school responsibility and becoming a depute allows you to do that.

You can remain a classroom teacher but have some time allocated to take on your additional role of curriculum, probation, timetabling, management etc.

Deputes often come with recognised remits that enhance and support the role of the headteacher. Their salary is often role-related.

Going beyond the school

Many teachers enjoy and have skills in a particular curricular or management area and choose to take their career out of the classroom and out of the school. This can take you into working in an educational role in a local authority or teacher training institute.

There are also secondment opportunities that will allow you to take forward a particular interest in for example, IT, quality assurance or assessment.