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Over the past few years we’ve built up a bank of one-off blog articles from probationer teachers, probationer supporters and ITE professors, as well as a few articles from members of staff within GTC Scotland and individuals from other organisations.

We know that probationers find it really useful to read about the experiences of others in the same position, and we hope to build on this resource by continuing to add guest blogs to our bank.

If you would like to write a one-off blog about any aspect of your probationary period, whether you’re following the one-year Teacher Induction Scheme or the Flexible Route to full registration, we would love to hear from you!

Latest entries

my rollercoaster year

How to survive your probation year

Dale Shankland describes how he survived during his probation year.

a week in the life of a probationer

The best thing I've done

Emily Thorburn shares some of her tips that she learnt throughout her whirlwind year.

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