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Blogging is about sharing your thoughts and experiences with others online. It’s a great way to commentate your probationary year and let others know how you're getting on, what you're enjoying and what's stressing you out.

We’re keen to hear from probationers willing to blog about their period of probation, and also teachers or supporters who would like to share their experiences or offer their words of wisdom.

    We’re looking for only one entry from you offering honest, constructive comments or advice. This can be as brief or long as you like. All entries will be published on our website.

    Examples of things you might want to consider are:

    • coping with exams and assessments
    • examples of CPD experiences both in and out of school
    • experiences from short-term teaching placements
    • how and where you have found support
    • experiences in the independent sector
    • details of resources that work well in class
    • your behaviour management strategies
    • using new technology in the classroom
    • reports of interesting/unique in-service days

By contributing to the website you will not only be helping other teachers but also helping yourself, as all published work can be added to your CPD portfolio.

Read a past probationer’s blog about some of the other benefits of blogging:

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