Howdy partner!

Say howdy to your stage partner; possibly the most valuable resource in your probation year.

Probationer teacher, West Lothian

I'm sure everyone on their probation year feels differently about the staff that they work with. I think that it would be fair to say that more or less everyone has somebody in their school that they can go to and ask those questions that you think anyone else would find a little silly. For me it's my stage partner.

Helping hand


Since I arrived in the school, she has been nothing but helpful. Always ready to lend a hand, and always checking that I am ok. I am starting to think that stage partners are a probationer's great untapped resource!


I feel that I am particularly fortunate as my stage partner is only a couple of years out of her probation period, so has a very clear image of what life is like as a probationer. But, if I take some time to think about what my teaching life would be like without her support, I think this years' experience would be completely different to the enjoyable experience that I am having.



The benefits of having someone who is teaching the same stage as you are second to none. They can share in your success when lessons go well and, on the other hand, they can share your frustration when something falls flat.


From a planning perspective, I was really rather concerned at the prospect of doing forward plans, having never done one before, but with the help and support of my stage partner, I completed my plans successfully, and now feel prepared to independently do plans in the future.

Build a relationship


What I am trying to say to other probationers who have stage partners is make use of them! If you don't already have one, try and build a relationship with your stage partner, and make use of the vast range of commonalities that exist in your current teaching career.


Everyone knows that the probation year is not an easy one, but I really do know that without her help I would have found this year a great deal more challenging!