From probation to permanency

The end of my induction year was pretty much a waiting game. We had to apply to the region for "a" job. We weren't told where the jobs were, only that there would be five permanent contracts given out that year.


The interviews were held in May. This was a nervous experience for me as it was my first "proper" interview I had had since leaving university.

The interview panel gave me a chance to share what I'd done and achieved in my induction year and there were a lot of things I was proud share.

Waiting game

We then didn't hear anything until the end of June. This was an unsettling time as the school were starting to make plans for the following year and I had to contribute not knowing if I would be there after the holidays.

It was also hard personally as I couldn't make any solid plans financially.

Other members of staff and parents kept asking if I would be staying on, making me feel I had done a good job, but I just couldn't give them an answer.

Eventually the news came in that I would be staying on at Castle Douglas Primary, which I was delighted about and I could start making plans for my next year of teaching.

A class of my own

I feel this year has gone past faster than the last. Not much has changed, apart from teaching for the whole week now, which for the first few weeks seemed a lot more work but you soon get used to it.

It's great to have the class all to my self. Teaching them for the full week means you get to see things through and because I was always out on a Friday I now get to do things such as Golden Time which I always missed!

Moving on from probation

During the induction year you get lots of support and a wide choice of CPD opportunities and this year I know the support is still there if needed. Getting to choose CPD courses to further my personal learning has been great, much less prescriptive.

I now know how the school works, where everything is and I feel a lot more confident in my teaching because of this. As one member of staff said to me when they found out I was staying at the school, "You're here with the bricks now, Laura".

This was a nice feeling: a feeling of being settled and happy at my work!