At the halfway mark

Nearing the end of her probationer period, Gillian Mackay-Moen found herself reflecting on her experience so far.

Primary Teacher, Murrayburn Primary School, Edinburgh

Halfway through the probationer year I was able to stop and think about what I'd achieved.

Relationships with colleagues

The staff at Murrayburn had always been extremely welcoming and approachable. My time at the school was an exciting journey where I was constantly developing professionally.

I'd built up a good rapport with staff, parents and pupils and continued to do so throughout my time at the school.


Shadowing provided an invaluable opportunity to learn from others which I have found to be very beneficial. This is one of many opportunities I would like to develop professionally and I plan to take many more to become the best teacher I can be!


Inset days and Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses allowed me to gain knowledge on A Curriculum for Excellence and Assessment for Learning, to name but two.

I was constantly learning, the knowledge gained allowing me to further develop and to meet the needs of children within my class.


I was also very grateful to Cally Fraser, my supporter, who provided the guidance, support and advice required to complete the year as a probationer teacher.