Minecraft for beginners

Nicola Connor talks about using technology with her P2/3 class.

Primary teacher, Uphall Primary School, West Lothian

During my probation year to date I have tried to plan using technology through most curricular areas. So far I have tried, for example, using netbooks to research questions about what my class wanted to learn about Julius Caesar as part of our Roman topic. Next term I will be planning to look at beginners coding, I have a primary 2/3 class, and using animation to help our story writing and story sequencing. I think it is important to not assume that young children use a lot of technology at home. My class might be able to use the apps or games on their tablet or Xbox but they were not as confident logging into a netbook or using a search engine.

We have a class blog which I do try to keep up to date! This blog is a mixture of sharing achievements or our learning in class and is also used as a link between school and home. I am now trying to get different members of the class to take ownership of posts, which can be about anything they want to share. I think this will help them discuss their learning more which in turn helps next steps and opens learning conversations as a whole class.

I have used Glow meets in the past but to varying success! Meet Santa took an extra twenty minutes onto the start time for Santa to get ready, and the Romans topic organised by a museum was cancelled on the day, not much notice! I will continue to use Glow meets if anything pops up of interest for the class or links to our learning but I will be more cautious in case there are any issues. I think I should be looking for different ideas and opportunities to integrate technology into my teaching and learning.

My class are Minecraft enthusiasts and I thought I would give it a go. However, when I told them all I could do was dig myself into a hole, they thought it was hilarious. They have taught me some basics and how to move around the game during golden time. I think this has been an invaluable experience- not only does it share learning but also shows them I am still learning about technology and their skills outside of school are important.