The Acronym Circus

Catherine Holme explains how she keeps on top of her never ending to-do-list.

Spanish and French Teacher, Castlemilk High School, Glasgow

Starting as a teacher can be tough.  Juggling your ITE and IPDAP (following the SFR for the GTCS) you can’t forget you’re CPD…or is it CPL?  In the classroom between the Es and Os, LIs and SCs, ASN, EAL, GIRFEC and holding up the UNCRC, it can often feel like spinning plates.  All under the grand CfE tent housing the BGE decorated with the 3-18 and 1 + 2.  Your PTs, SMT and LA will keep the show on the road, and with HMIE and SQA in the audience, using the NARs and following the AIFL policy, NAT 4 and 5 need not feel like walking a tight rope.

Don’t know whether to LOL or cry?  Panic not!  It’s not really the circus it can sometimes feel like.  Some of the best advice I received before starting my probation year was from someone who had just finished hers.  That wall of information is just a combination of little letters.  Everything can be broken down into small manageable tasks.  From there, it is a case or organising, prioritising and managing to get the job done.   Yes, juggling can come in handy, but it doesn’t have to be a frantic spectacle.

I am still struggling to keep on top of the never ending to do list and the post-its that seem to multiply by the hour.  I hope that with time I will have established good habits and routines to keep things under control in a calm fashion.  This may also see a return of my social life; maybe not quite PC, but TGIF certainly has its place.