Life in Stranraer

Gemma Marshall talks about the differences between life in Glasgow to life in Stranraer.

Primary Teacher, Sheuchan Pruimary School, Dumfries and Galloway

Upon receiving my probation placement letter, my initial reaction was to Google the town and see how far away I would be from the bustling city of Glasgow:  where my family and friends all live; where I could shop practically any time of the day and where I had a variety of brands, cinemas and leisure centres to keep me satisfied.

I was added into a group on Facebook where I met my fabulous, witty, musical flatmate Rachel (she's looking for a job by the way) who was in the same situation as I was- always lived at home and hadn't a clue what to expect from Stranraer.

My first two days in Stranraer were AMAZING.... my appendix ruptured and my car refused to start, blocking all three cars in my drive with all of my belongings packed up and ready for the move down. Clearly someone was warning me...

My class were lovely and my favourite thing was setting up my classroom the way I wanted it- taking ideas from classes I spent my placements in. I loved meeting all of the other probationers at the meetings as we were all in the same situation- trying to juggle forward plans for the first time and also having the responsibility for all that your class do.

I must admit it did take me a while to get used to the fact the shops in Stranraer choose when they want to open and close, so beautician appointments need to be booked a month in advance. I need to plan when I run out of teabags- it has to be before 6pm when the grocery store closes.

I also panicked when I use my iPhone app to see where my nearest cinema was -it told me 60 Belfast!

After a few months of getting used to the way of life in Stranraer I go back to Glasgow and think: there are too many people and too many shops.  I have come to love my life here in the little corner of Scotland called Stranraer!